Think Like An Entrepreneur [VIDEO]

We all have 168 hours in a week. So why is it that some people - Warren Buffet, for example - achieve such high levels of success, while others fail to achieve success? 

The reason is largely due to the failure to set goals and remain consistent in the pursuit of those goals. The fact is, setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (SMART) goals is CRITICAL to your success, not only financially, but also physically, spiritually, educationally, creatively, and career-wise. 

I attended a fun weekend event, hosted by FortuneBuilders, a great team of pros in the real estate/house-flipping industry, and I learned some crucial lessons in becoming successful.  

Start thinking like an Entrepreneur! 

 Levels of functioning within a business.

Levels of functioning within a business.

A technician and an entrepreneur may both be the owners and/or founders of a business. However, there are significant differences in the way a technician and an entrepreneur think. Although a technician runs the business, it doesn't necessarily mean "entrepreneur." The technician takes on the little tasks of the business. For instance - picking up items for the business, handling the marketing campaigns, or handling all of the work themselves. 

An entrepreneur is focused on the big picture. He or she puts systems in place that allow the work to get done efficiently. The entrepreneur leverages time, money and processes in such a way that their time becomes overvalued, and money becomes undervalued. Why? Because a successful entrepreneur puts his money to work for him instead of vice versa.

The entrepreneur has more time to create better and more efficient systems.  Successful entrepreneurs always set goals properly. Being consistent, and implementing systems can mean big change for a small business. If you are constantly looking to improve, you will be taking steps toward becoming a more successful person, and entrepreneur! 

Stay Inspired!