This Month’s Financial To-Do List

Because tax season is over, you probably have a good idea about what your financial situation looks like. This is why May is the perfect month to switch gears over to other financial tasks.


Here is what your financial to-do list should look like this month:

Review Your Tax Withholdings

If you set yourself up to pay more tax than you needed to last year, make sure you don’t repeat that again in 2018. Factor in any credits or deductions that you can take advantage of and make use of the IRS’ withholding calculator to help you with an estimate.

Be Aware of Refund Scams

Tax scams are a serious problem all year, but even more so during refund season. If you get a call demanding payment for an unpaid tax bill, hang up. There is a good chance that it’s a scam. If you’re worried about whether or not you do need to pay in, call the IRS tax help line at 1-800-829-1040.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Dispose of the financial documents that you no longer need. How do you know what you need? How do you dispose of the documents that you can part ways with? Find out by watching the It’s A Money Thing video below!

Review Recurring Charges

Small charges are easy to miss. If you aren’t noticing a subscription or membership fee in your transaction history, you could be paying those small, annual charges for years without noticing. Those charges add up over time, so be sure to review your transaction history and cancel anything that you no longer need or use.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Take care,