Throwback Thursday

I love listening to Pandora Radio. Mostly because it’s free. But it also has given me a great medley of music no matter what kind of jam session I want to have. 

There are different stations for every occasion. Whether you are looking to dance, chill out, have dinner, go on a drive, or study you can find a station for every instance. 

  This is a small glimpse of my Pandora Radio selection

This is a small glimpse of my Pandora Radio selection

But I’m here to tell you about one in particular, it’s my favorite Pandora station of all time. When I say all time, I mean ALL TIME. 

If you like hip hop, here is my suggestion: add “What’s Luv” Radio to your Pandora collection. 

If you’re not familiar with Pandora, you can add radio stations by artist, song title or genre. “What’s Luv” is a song by Fat Joe featuring Ashanti that will be sure to get your on your feet to dance and bring you back to the early 2000s. And since the radio station is tailored around that one song, you will keep hearing hit hit after hit. 

I do not doubt this station will give you flashbacks to middle school dances with songs by Nelly, Busta Rhymes, R. Kelly, Lil Kim, Ja Rule, J.Lo, Aaliyah, DMX, and 50 Cent to just name a few!

If you find yourself in a crowd of other 18-to-25 year olds over the weekend, you better put on this radio station. It is a crowd pleaser and will take you and all of your friends down down memory lane!

Lauren R.