Throwback Thursday: 10 Years Since 'Mean Girls'

'Mean Girls' the movie celebrates its 10 year anniversary

Wow! Ten years since Mean Girls?! What's funny is over this past weekend I spent time with some of my old friends from high school and we were shocked to hear Mean Girls has been out for 10 years. It seems like just yesterday I was watching it in theaters but of course 2004 was actually 10 years ago. 

I remember watching this movie a million times over with every middle school sleepover that I went to. It's a cult classic that is still just as awesome today as it was 10 years ago! Or should I say, it's still 'fetch.'

It's been 10 years, but people still make references and quote from Mean Girls. I know I probably did a lot when it first came out! Of all the quotable moments from the cult classic, my favorite has to be:

"On Wednesdays, we wear pink."


Did you know?

Lindsay Lohan originally auditioned to play Regina and Rachel McAdams wanted to be Cady! What a different movie this would have been. Lohan was originally cast as Regina (gasps) but when the movie "Freaky Friday" came out, Paramount convinced Mean Girls director, Mark Waters that Lohan's audience wouldn't accept her as the "Mean" girl, so she was recast as Cady. 

For more awesome and unknown facts about Mean Girls, check out this article on Vulture titled "Mean Girls Director Mark Waters Spills 10 Juicy Stories, 10 Years Later." 

Be well, 

Lauren R.