Throwback Thursday: Lights, Camera, Action!

The amazing Spokester journey 

Being the Young & Free Maine Spokester is more than just a job, it's an experience and a lifestyle. I've grown personally and professionally and helped others along the way. 

Unfortunately my term ends in about a weeks time. Fortunately I'll always keep Young & Free close to my heart. I've had wonderful memories as Spokester, I've seen places in Maine I never knew existed, and had the chance to meet new people. I have lots of pictures and videos to look back at after this year is over to reminisce on the good old Young & Free days!

Spokester life on camera

I've had a year to polish my writing and video production skills. As Spokester I was a one man show when it came to the camera. I was not only in front of the camera but also setting up shots, editing, and producing! 

Today I thought I would throw it back to some of my favorite moments on the Young & Free Maine YouTube channel


One of my favorite videos I produced this year was about being an awesome roommate because I was living with new people and I thought it would be comical! Let me tell you, it's easy to give advice but sometimes I can't take my own advice on being an awesome roommate. 

Another favorite video from my time as Spokester was on the topic of cold Maine winters. This past winter was abnormally brutal and I thought I would make a video to lighten up the mood. Not sure if it worked, but it was fun to shoot.

The last video on the throwback list is about bank fees! I loved making this video because many young adults think monthly maintenance fees and ATM fees are just part of life! But that's not true! You can have free checking account that is truly FREE with the free4ME Account at participating Maine Credit Unions

Hope you enjoyed some of my videos from the past year!

Be well, 

Lauren R.