Throwback Thursday: Spokester Teamwork

It's almost time for me to say goodbye!

My time as Spokester is whittling down to the very last weeks! Can you believe it's been a nearly a year? Well, I certainly can not believe it! I've had many memorable times as Spokester and it's going to be a little hard to say goodbye! But before I do, it's time for a throwback! 

One of the most memorable times I had during my year as the Young & Free Maine Spokester was meeting the other Spokesters from five other states and one Canadian province!

 Young & Free Spokesters in Nashville, TN

Young & Free Spokesters in Nashville, TN

Did you know that the Young & Free program is not only in Maine?! Right now, participating regions include: Alabama, Florida, Michigan, St. Louis, Wisconsin, and Alberta, Canada!

Back in October all the Spokesters met up in Nashville, Tennessee to brainstorm, collaborate, and create! And boy did we have some ideas bouncing around. The creative juices were flowing and we became a well-oiled machine of teamwork within five than days!

We had the chance to collaborate on a project featuring all of the Spokesters to showcase the Young & Free program. Our awesome Spokester Coach, Matt Hawkins filmed and produced a amazing video that I still love to watch to this day, so check it out: 

Who will be next?

Since we're talking about me parting with Young & Free, I should mention it's also time to vote for the next Young & Free Maine Spokester! We have three talented candidates but it's up to you to decide who will be the next Spokester!

Who will it be? Alexis, Andrew or Mallory? Each candidate is currently rallying for as many votes as possible and they need your help! You can vote from now until June 27 at 3 p.m. To cast your vote, head over to

Be well, 

Lauren R.