Tips for a Great Video

Spokester applications are starting to roll in and the videos are looking great. If you're still working on yours or need a few pointers before you start rolling, today's video can help.

Here are a few quick tips to help you with the basics of shooting your application video. You can put them to use in your video or go with your own skills and intuition. It's completely up to you! After all, it's your video application. Do it your way!

If you've submitted your application already, stay tuned! They should be live on the site soon. Once you see your face on the Search Page, be sure to spread the word! Using social media to get the word out and get your views up is a big part of the job. Show us what you can do!

Want the coolest job ever? There's still time to submit your application for the Young & Free Maine Spokester position. Click the banner below for all the information you need.

Best of luck!

Kylie K.