Top 3 Benefits of Apple Pay

Secure, Simple and Useful

One of the major benefits of Apple Pay is its security.

Apple doesn't store your credit card information, it hides it behind a device account number. This acts as a protective layer between merchants and your information.

What if your phone is lost or stolen?

You're still protected. Apple Pay requires that you use your thumbprint to pay. If someone steals or picks up your phone, they would need your thumbprint to access your payment information. You can also secure your lost phone by using Find My iPhone. This allows you to put your device in Lost Mode to suspend Apple Pay, or wipe your device completely.

Apple believes its system is more secure than using your credit or debit card.

First, Apple Pay transactions are verified with your fingerprint. Second, Apple doesn't store your transaction information. Your payment information is private, and can't be tied back to you. Lastly, you never have to show your card, which means your name, card number, and security code stay private.

Using your iPhone to pay is simple.

Apple's "tap-to-pay" method is quick and convenient. To pay, just hold your phone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID. Holding your iPhone near the contactless reader brings up your default card, and your fingerprint on the Touch ID authenticates the transaction.

Apple Pay is useful.

Your iPhone becomes your wallet, and it's much less bulky. Having your cards stored in one secure place makes transactions much more convenient.

Apple Pay uses Near Field Communication technology, or NFC, for its payments. This technology is now available at over 200,000 brick and mortar stores across the U.S. You can also use Apple Pay within apps, so you don't need to enter all of your credit card information.


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