Top 5 Reasons to Holiday Shop Early

The holidays come faster than we know it. Don't get stuck buying your gifts at the last minute. In fact, you could save money by doing your shopping early.

1. You will avoid breaking your bank all at once. Spending in smaller amounts over time is more manageable. Plus, it doesn't feel like your wallet is taking such a big hit.

2. More time to find a thoughtful gift. Shopping early gives you more time to think about what your giftee might really want or need. Instead of rushing around last minute, and coming out with a gift that you feel less-than-pleased with, shop early and find something that you know the person will love.

3. Less stress! Shopping early gives you less stress during the holidays, therefore, more time to actually enjoy yourself! Also, you can avoid getting caught in the holiday chaos. Avoid becoming a mad-person running around the mall in gift-hunt mode.

4. You can save money! If you shop early, that means more time to compare prices and look for sales so that you can get the best deals. If you shop last minute, chances are you will take what you can get.

5. You can avoid hideous gift-wrapping. Whenever I am crunched for time during the holidays, my gift-wrapping comes last on my list of priorities. My wrapped gifts always come out looking horrendous! 

Happy shopping!