Top Tasty Thursdays of 2011

Today in our latest installment of the best of 2011, I decided to look back into a few of my favorite Tasty Thursday blogs. I started the weekly tribute to some of my favorite food on the first week of my Young and Free term, and I have enjoyed each day since. How can you not love a day dedicated to food and drink? I will say this much. These Tasty Thursdays are going to get significantly healthier when 2012 arrives. I've gained waaaaayyy too much weight these first six months. Time to get back into shape! Gotta look good for the wedding right?

Chicken Parmesan

This was my first ever food blog, so I figured it would be pertinent to put in my top food blogs. Chicken parm is one of my favorite dishes to make to this day, and it's cheap as well! For just about four dollars per plate, you can make a hearty chicken parm dish with a few sides as well. Yum!

Coffee Roasting

I love coffee! This year, I learned how to roast my own beans simply by using an air popcorn popper. Nothing says good morning quite like a nice cup of Joe. I've roasted a fair amount now, and to this day it is the freshest cup of coffee I have been able to find. Sure, roasting your beans in an air popcorn popper is a little unorthodox, but it is still cheaper then buying it by the pound (for good coffee). Just think, you can bring awesomely tasty coffee to your friends' house and boast that you roasted the beans yourself at home!

Dorm Food

Live in a dorm? Don't have much money? Having a late night craving for something cheap? One of the most read Tasty Thursday blogs so far has been my dorm food blog. There were different cheap foods highlighted, like yogurt, soft tortillas and ramen noodles. If you ever get sick of eating at the commons, this blog is here to help!

Pulled Pork

This year, I got one of my new favorite kitchen appliances, my crock pot. The first meal I ever made in it was pulled pork. OH MAN! It was quite tasty, and worth reposting for all of you to enjoy. How can you not love a barbecued tasty load of amazingness?

It's hard to believe that 2011 is already on its way out. Thankfully, it also means a new year filled with new adventures, blogs and more importantly, new food! Be on the lookout for more new Tasty Thursdays which are just around the corner. It's going to be a tasty 2012 for sure!

What new foods did you try in 2011?

Seth P.