Money Monday: Travel Options

I love traveling and seeing new places. Anything from a relaxing tropical vacation to an urban sightseeing frenzy entices me! Right now I'm currently in Key West soaking up some serious rays. 

The only problem with traveling is how expensive it can be. Between getting a hotel room, paying for meals, and sightseeing, your bill can add up pretty quickly. But, there are ways to save money.

My friend and fellow Spokester, Alysha from Young & Free Florida is a regular traveler and has laid down some basic travel options to save you money:


A timeshare is a property that you have ownership right to. These rights can range from one week to one month depending upon how you buy. With a timeshare, you usually buy one week and you have that same week every year. For instance, my family owns a timeshare in Orlando for the week of July 4th. So, every year we have our July 4th vacation planned out. If we decided we don't want to travel then, we have the option of trading that week to stay at another resort for an exchange fee.



Another great way to travel is a cruise. Summer is cruise season because kids are out of school and the weather is warmer. However, if you can take a few days or even a week off during the off-season time, like October or November, you can find some amazing deals. My brother went on a week long cruise last October for only $189 per person. 

The best part about a cruise is, all your meals are included, you have a great room to stay in and there are lots of free activities to partake in as well. Plus, you get to see several different places in the world on one trip. 

All-Inclusive Resorts vs. Regular Resorts

When I think of travel, I would rather pay it all up front and not have to worry about cost while traveling. That is why I love having a timeshare and I love cruising so much.

When you start to compare the cost of an all-inclusuve resort to the cost of the hotel alone, going out to eat for each meal, and drinks it really adds up. All-inclusive resorts are a great way to save money and still have fun. 

But where should I start?


Well, I turned to Living Social and Cheap Caribbean to see what kind of deals were available. I found that with Cheap Caribbean some trips included airfare which was a nice benefit since airfare is pretty costly. I also found that the all-inclusive resorts are great because everything is included. All of our meals are included, and all of our drinks are included both non alcoholic and alcoholic. 

But, there are other things to take into consideration. Your dinning experience is limited with an all-inclusive resorts. Sometimes a resort might only have three or four options for restaurants and limited hours so you have to dine according to their schedule. Also, if you leave the resort during those dinning times you are on your own with your meals.  If you stay at a hotel your dinning options are endless because you can go anywhere your taste buds desire. 

So what option suits you best?

It is important to look at your the type of vacation you are looking to have, then it is important to check out all the options around. For some the all-inclusive resorts are a great deal but for others you will be spending more money than you should. If you can find an inexpensive cruise that is also a great way to travel as well. Just be sure to check out all your options and do your homework. 

Thanks for the great tips Alysha!

Be well,

Lauren R.