Tunes Tuesday: Acoustic Covers are Awesome

Nothing beats a good acoustic cover that takes a favorite old song and transforms it into something new and magical. Yes, magical. That’s how I feel about these next three musical acts. They take a popular song, new or old, and create a unique piece of music that stands on its own. Check ‘em out!

Alex Goot

I was only 7 years old when the original song came out. I was listening to Hanson's MMMBop, with it's nonsensical syllables and young singers, not songs with very grown-up themes like Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry. Now that I'm old enough to listen to songs like this, I find myself very drawn to the barebones version by Alex Goot featuring Chad Sugg. Just piano, guitar, and vocals. Perfect. I can't get enough of this guy's music. 

Tyler Ward

Tyler Ward covers almost every popular artist you can think of, from Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, and even Taylor Swift. He's definitely on the pop side, and many of his covers are more than just an acoustic guitar, but I love this new take on One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful. The original song is very high energy but Tyler gives it a mellow twist.

Lennon and Maisy

I wish I was this talented as a pre-teen! Take a listen to the angelic voices of Lennon and Maisy and you're sure to smile.

You can find Alex Goot and Tyler Ward on Spotify and all three musical acts are available on YouTube and iTunes. Gotta have these songs on your iPod? Why don't you use that free iTunes gift card you got with your free4ME account to stock up on new songs? The only thing better than new music is FREE new music. Score!

Are you a big fan of any covers right now?

Kylie K.