Tunes Tuesday: British Invasion

It all began in the 1960s with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. British bands hopped the pond and blasted onto the United States music scene, taking it by storm. Since the original British Invasion of the sixties the U.S. has imported a number of musical acts from the U.K., including Queen, Elton John and Phil Collins. It seems the British Invasion is beginning again, with artists like Adele, The Script, Coldplay and The Wanted taking over the airwaves.

The next three artists and musical groups are my favorite British acts that have recently made their way onto the U.S. music scene. You’ll want to find some headphones and listen in to this one, guys.

Ed Sheeran

From his bright red hair to his cozy sound and distinct British accent that comes through in his vocals, there’s a lot to love about Ed. He’s big overseas, gaining mainstream success in the U.K., Australia, Germany and beyond. He also performed for the world in this year’s Olympic closing ceremonies with a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”. Now Sheeran is working his way onto the United States music scene and ears are perking up at the new and refreshing sound.

In his own words, Sheeran’s style is “a blend of acoustic music and hip-hop soul”. He mixes soft vocals with soothing guitar in one track and then transitions to a more hip-hop feel with quick, intelligent lyrics in the next. Be careful, you’re bound to become emotionally invested in his debut album, “+”. I have been listening to “Lego House” on repeat for the better part of a week. I can’t get enough of Ed.

Isn’t the video amazing? I love Rupert Grint. 

One Direction

Two words: Boy. Band. Gone are the days of overly choreographed music videos and poorly lip-synced talk show performances, but the age of the boy band is hardly dead. One Direction is making teenage girls (and full-grown women) swoon with their cutesy lyrics and adorable style. Okay, so maybe they’re not the greatest thing to happen to music this century, but you can’t help but smile at their goofy antics and great hair in the video for their latest single, “One Thing”.

The group was signed by Simon Cowell after placing in the top three on the The X Factor. Ed Sheeran helped co-write their first album, “Up All Night.” One Direction is now signed by a North American label and they took home three Video Music Awards last week, solidifying their spot in American popular music.

Cher Lloyd

What do you get when you mix sass, attitude, talent, beauty and a British accent? Cher Lloyd. This 19-year old rose to fame after appearing on the seventh season of The X Factor in the UK. Now her hit “Want U Back” is blowing up in the U.S., selling over one million copies and reaching Platinum status. Cher’s sound is definitely pop based but she’s hardly your typical female pop vocalist. Her attitude shines through her sassy lyrics and unique vocal style. This girl is great.  

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Who are you listening to right now? 

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