Tunes Tuesday: Free Music Lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn to play a musical instrument but you don’t have the cash for private lessons? The almighty Internet is making this dream a reality with the help of some talented musicians and the power of YouTube.

Whether it’s guitar, piano or just general music theory you’re interested in learning, there’s plenty of resources on YouTube for musicians at any level. Teachers of all different styles and backgrounds can help you learn guitar chords, piano techniques and even how to play the songs you hear on the radio everyday.

I learned how to read music when I was very young and though I've played a little piano, sang in many choirs and played flute in the school band for eight years, I still turn to these free online lessons whenever I want to pick up a new skill or need to perfect the song I've been practicing on my own. Right now I'm trying to build my piano playing skills, and I've learned a lot from these experts on YouTube.

Piano Lessons

You can learn the most basic things about playing the piano from Mark Andrew Hansen. With a little practice, you can learn the names of the keys, how to arrange your fingers to play a chord and some ways to play the chords to create a song. Once you've got the basics down, YouTube offers a wealth of piano tutorials. This is a video I'm using right now to learn one of my favorite songs.

Basic Guitar Lessons

YourGuitarSage has some of the best guitar tutorials on YouTube. Many people have commented on his videos thanking him for the help and praising him as the best guitar teacher on the web. He begins with very basic guitar information and works into easy to understand lessons on chords and strumming. Learning a new skill can be frustrating, but when you have a great teacher (who doesn't charge for lessons) it makes the experience much more fun. 

Once you've mastered the basics, YourGuitarSage has many other guitar lessons on YouTube to get you on your way to rock stardom. You can learn to songs from artists like Taylor Swift and Tom Petty.

The best part about learning to play an instrument using an online video is you can stop and rewind whenever you need to see something again. You're not limited by the time slot you were given for a lesson. It's very rewarding when you finally nail the song you've been working on. Feel free to give your friends and family a little concert to show off your hard work!

Have you ever used YouTube to learn a new skill?

Kylie K.