Tunes Tuesday: Red

Taylor Swift has transformed from country music's sweetheart to a true pop rock star with her latest release, Red. I can’t stop listening. The album is a mix of pure pop songs that are destined to be radio hits with some softer tunes that really showcase her vulnerable side. There’s something for everyone on this record. I even caught my 20-year old, Jack’s Mannequin fan of a brother singing along. Here are my top 3 favorite tracks on the album. What do you think of the new music?

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I Knew You Were Trouble.

In Taylor’s own words, this song is about another one of her “romantic misadventures.” However, IKYWT is different from her other songs about old flames because this one focuses on her role in the relationship rather than the imperfections of her previous boyfriend. This song is easy to relate to because we’ve all been in a similar situation, whether in a relationship or just in general, when we’ve made a decision even though we knew better. Taylor Swift gets it, guys.

This song also incorporates a bit of “dub step” in the chorus. Though it hardly matches the bass heavy songs popularized by artists like Skrillex, it certainly shares a similar sound.

Everything Has Changed featuring Ed Sheeran

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran together on a track is pure perfection. The sound of Everything Has Changed mirrors more of Sheeran’s musical style rather than Swift’s, but Taylor brings her softer vocals to complete the tune. This song is worlds different from the high energy pop tracks on the album. Your ears will be pleased to hear both of these velvety voices work together to tell a mellower story of new love.


This is my favorite song on Red, hands down. I’m not sure what that says about my taste in music (reminder: my favorite band is Hanson) but since buying the album yesterday morning I have wracked up over 150 plays. It is bubble-gum pop at its finest with a catchy chorus and lyrics that will undoubtedly be screamed at the top of many lungs at 22nd birthday parties everywhere. My only complaint about this song is why didn’t it come out 10 months ago when I was turning 22? I only have a few months left before I turn 23, so I’ll have to really play this song out until then.

Put that $10 iTunes gift card you got when you opened your free4ME account to good use and pick up Red on iTunes. Most tracks are also available on Spotify. I love talking about music, so let me know what you think of her new songs!

Are you listening to any new records?

Kylie K.