You Decide!

We need you!


Young & Free Maine has turned to the public for help. We're inviting anyone and everyone to make a choice. We are crowdsourcing to determine which talented, young, Maine musicians and bands will move on to the final judging round of the Sound Off Music Competition! And yes, we really do need you! You have a say about what is happening here, just like your local credit union



[kroud-sawrs, -sohrs]  the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community

What does crowdsourcing have to  do with Young & Free Maine?

We're currently asking you, your family, and your friends to vote for you favorite band or artist in the Sound Off Music Competition. And that is a perfect example of crowdsourcing! We're using crowdsourcing to find out which bands will have the chance to win the grand prizes! And let's not forget we've got some hefty prizes to give away: a recording session at Main Street Music Studios, live performances at KahBang and feature interviews on Young & Free Maine. 


Crowdsourcing is a fun way to get communities involved in a partiuclar event or project. And in the case of the Sound Off Music Competition, we're asking the public to rally behind one of our 26 talented entrants! Each entrant really shines in their own way, so how could we decide here at Young & Free Maine alone? We need you all to decide!

To browse, listen, and learn more about our 26 talented artists and bands, please visit Young & Free Maine. Choose wisely because you can only vote once per valid email address! Still cannot decide? Don't worry, you have time to mull it over! But don't take too long, the voting phase will end on Wednesday, February 12 at noon

Happy voting, 

Lauren R.