Uncommon Truths About Halloween

Happy Halloween to all the Young & Free Mainers out there! I hope you all enjoy the spooky holiday. Personally, I'll be staying in tonight to watch a few Halloween movies. Maybe even an old time Disney favorite of mine, Hocus Pocus!

But before you go out and enjoy the night, take a look at some fun fact about Halloween! I bet these are five things you really didn't know about today's holiday! 

1) Halloween Is The Second Highest Grossing Commercial Holiday After Christmas

What used to be just a singular holiday with minimal things to purchase has turned into an entire "Halloween Season." Between lights, lawn ornaments, elaborate costumes and loads of candy, the average American spends $60 to $70 on their festivities!

How did your Halloween spending come in this year?

2) Harry Houdini Died On October 31, 1926

The famous magician was killed (accidentally) by a McGill University student named J. Gordon Whitehead who was hitting him in the stomach repeatedly as part of a stunt. A week later he died of peritonitis from a ruptured appendix. Despite acute appendicitis, Houdini refused to seek medical treatment.

3) There's A Phobia For That

Samhainophobia is an intense and persistent fear of Halloween that can cause panic attacks in sufferers. Other relevant phobias for this time of year: wiccaphobia (fear of witches), phasmophobia (fear of ghosts), and coimetrophobia (fear of cemeteries).

4) The First Jack-O-Lanterns Weren't Made Out Of Pumpkins

They were originally hollowed-out turnips. The modern practiced mutated from the Irish tradition of carving faces of the the dead onto the gourds and putting candles inside to make them glow. 

5) One Quarter Of All The Candy Sold Annually Is For Halloween Night

No matter how much we eat for Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween has corned the market on candy. As a country we consume 20 million pounds of candy corn a year. But is candy corn even the most popular? According to the infographic below, the most common Halloween treats are those that have chocolate!


Sweet, Sweet Halloween
by nicholemagoon.
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Have a happy & safe Halloween! 

Lauren R.