Unique Present Ideas

So, my birthday is this Friday. I was asked by my family and my girlfriend what I wanted for my birthday, and to be quite honest with you, I didn't really care too much. I live a fairly simple life, and don't need much so I told them to save their money. I realized shortly thereafter that I could definitely use a colander and a crock pot. So, here's hoping I get those! It will be much easier to drain pasta. As I was catching up on some of my daily blogs that I follow (you should really follow Laughing Squid. I love it), I came across a nifty idea for a gift. It's called a beard hat, and it covers your head and your face both at the same time. The face covering makes you look like you have a knitted beard. I personally think it's brilliant! It got me thinking about what kind of unique gifts are out there. What are some things you could buy someone to make the smile and think out of the box? Here are a few sites, and items I found that had great (and often times cheap) gift ideas.

Retro Video Game Ties

If you were a fan of the regular Nintendo, then you'll absolutely love these ties. I found them on Amazon, and they are reasonably priced as well. The ties feature different classic games like Duck Hunt and Tetris. The ties have screen shots of the games and they are reasonably priced at anywhere from $10-$19. Don't just buy your friend (or dad) another tie. Buy him a tie with spunk!

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

One of my least favorite things about eating cereal is that you cannot enjoy most varieties without it getting soggy. Corn Flakes are one of the biggest offenders. Well, by purchasing the Never Soggy Cereal Bowl, you're able to control how much cereal goes into the milk and ensure a tasty crunchy breakfast with each bite. I think it's a great idea, and any cereal lover will love this as well. It prices at $19.99.

Electronic Cleaning Putty

If you are someone who owns an older desktop computer with an older keyboard, this could be a great gift for you. This crazy stuff, Electronic Cleaning Putty is nifty and very useful. It squishes into hard to reach places on your electronics and cleans out the dirt and muck so you can type on a clean surface once again. The best part is that it's also fairly cheap.  For about $7 you can grab this goop and start cleaning your electronics!

Duct Tape Wallets

I'm not talking about the simple one color wallets that you make on your own and hope they stay together. There are some creative people who are out there that create intricate wallets and purses completely from duct tape. Depending on where you go, and what you get, they can range in price, but they are durable and a great conversation piece. In fact, while I was typing my blog, a friend of mine stopped by to give me one! I'm already in love with it.

For a list of fun things that make good gift ideas (warning, some are insanely expensive, like the Water Jet Pack listing at $130,000) check here. At the very least, it could give you some ideas for gifts to give someone if you have a brain cramp.

What's the most unique gift you've ever gotten?

Seth P.