Update: 52 Week Savings Challenge

Remember the realistic New Year's resolution I suggested for you back in December? Come on, 2013 wasn't that long ago! You remember! Well, have you stuck with it so far? Have you started?

No worries! You can still make up for lost time (and money)! The 52 Week Savings Challenge is only on week four!

Can you believe we're already heading into February?! But as we head into the second month of 2014, take minute to reflect on how you've made progress on your resolutions. Have you started eating healthier? Reading more books? Maybe you've already given up on some of your goals. 

But I'll give you a challenge that is realistic and rewarding. For each week of 2014, I challenge you to save one more dollar each week. It's an easy way to make your savings account grow and it all starts with just one dollar. The first week you put aside one dollar, two dollars the second week, three dollars the third week, four dollars on the fourth week and so on and so forth. 

I've been doing the challenge as well! So far it's been easy, but I'll let you know how things go around week 40 and above! I have my sister doing this too... I need to check up on her progress just to make sure she isn't cheating!

You really can't go wrong with this challenge, by the end of 2014 you'll have an extra $1,378 lying around! How accomplished will you feel with all that savings?!


So if you still want to be apart of the fun, it's not too late! This week, put away 10 dollars to make up for the added balance after four continuous weeks on this savings plan (see the chart above for the breakdown). Then for next week (week five) go ahead and put aside five dollars and you'll be right on track with the 52 Week Savings Challenge!

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Lauren R.