Want Convenience? Forget the Bank

Michael and I had our friend Matt visit us last week from out of town. While he was here he needed to get some cash. The problem? He's a customer at a big bank and the closest ATM and branch was 20 minutes away from our house. It was super inconvenient. 

 Our friend, Matt, caught lounging on The Green Machine

Our friend, Matt, caught lounging on The Green Machine

Matt could have gone to another bank's ATM down the street to save some time, but then he'd be hit with hefty surcharges. Either way, accessing his money while he was away from home would have cost him, either in the form of ATM fees or gas money to get to the far away location.

His financial institution was not delivering the convenience he needed to access his money. Why should he have to pay to access his money? Why should he have to travel out of his way to find an ATM? If he were a credit union member, he wouldn't have been in that situation. 

Many of Maine's Credit Unions participate in the SURF ATM network as well as the Shared Branch Network. These two services connect credit unions across Maine and the country, allowing CU members to access their money virtually anywhere. 

With the SURF ATM network, you can withdraw money from any participating Maine CU's ATM without any surcharge. That's what SURF stands for: SURcharge Free. Find a SURF ATM near you using the SURF ATM Locator

Shared Branching not only connects credit unions across Maine, but also across the country. If your credit union is part of this network (most are) you can walk into any participating branch in Maine or the U.S. and do transactions, just as if you were at your local branch down the street. The best part? Thanks to the Shared Branch Network, Maine's Credit Unions have more locations than any single bank. Find a Shared Branch location using the Shared Branch Locator

The moral of the story? Don't be like Matt.

Join a credit union and enjoy all of the convenient features of SURF ATMs and the Shared Branch Network.

P.S. Sorry, Matt.

Kylie K.