Watch and Learn Wednesday

Want to impress your friends? Exercise your brain? Create a cool DIY project? There's a YouTube channel for that.

It's easy to get sucked into a black hole of funny cat videos on YouTube, but did you know that the video sharing website has thousands of great channels for learning just about anything? From free piano lessons, to card trick tutorials, and even college courses, you can use YouTube to learn just about anything. 

Check out these channels for some fun, entertaining, and more importantly, educational YouTube videos.


The Quirkology channel comes from creator Richard Wiseman and it's dedicated to "quirky mind stuff". You'll find tutorials for practical jokes, science stunts, and this video below that demonstrates 10 Amazing Bets You Will Always Win.


Want to study with one of the nation's leading technology schools? No need to apply or pay tuition, just check out Massachusetts Institute of Technology's channel on YouTube. They have over 5,000 videos ranging from lectures, quick help clips, and more. Want to know what it's like inside the Freshman Chem Lab Boot Camp at MIT? Check out this awesome trailer. It'll really get you excited to learn!

Household Hacker

Power an iPod with an onion? Prank your roommates? Make a lamp out of an orange? Household Hacker has a video for that.

Do you watch any how-to videos on YouTube?

Kylie K.