Watch-It-Wednesday: The Voice

I know someone on The Voice!

I'm sure you all are familiar the NBC series, The Voice. It's a reality singing competition much like American Idol, however singers are paired up with one of the four celeberity coaches to learn more about the business, their own voices, and stage presence. 


Monday night's episode was the Season 6 premiere where the contestants had their "blind audition." Celebrity judges Usher, Adam Levine, Shakira, and Blake Shelton all start with their backs turned to the vocalist while they sing their first song in front of the celebs. 

If the any of the four judges likes what they hear and desires to mentor the singer, they turn around. Then it's up to the individual singer to choose his or her mentor for the remainder of the competition. 

Kristen Merlin, of Massachusetts, made it on the season premiere Monday night. My sister and roommate are both good friends with Kristen and were getting antsy for the Season 6 premiere all last week. When we finally sat down to watch the show I realized I've met her before (just once, but I'm starstruck!) She's a kind person and deserving of this opportunity. 

According to my roommate, she tried out for The Voice last year and didn't even make it through the preliminary rounds. But she didn't give up her dreams and now she's one of the stars of a prime time NBC show! You go girl!

In her blind audition Adam Levine turned around first, followed by Shakira. When urged to make a decision she said:

"You guys make this really tough on me," Merlin said. "Coming into this, I had a completely different idea of what I thought I was going to go for. So it's kind of surprising to me, but I'm going to go with Shakira."

Good luck Kristen! We'll be cheering for on Monday & Tuesday from now on!

Lauren R.