Wedding Websites

WOO! Well, the wedding week is finally here. Yes, this week I will be taking the plunge and exchanging vows with my lovely fiance in Bar Harbor. Although I am technically on vacation, you still will get lots of blogs from me! Isn't that nice? This week I have officially dubbed wedding week. If you are married, I'm sure you know how much planning goes into the big day, and if you haven't yet...well be prepared for a crazy stretch of time that is both stressful and exciting. One of the best ways to get things all in order is to find a few good wedding websites that help you go through checklists. Making your own lists are great, but sometimes its good to find other checklists that people have made. It ensures that all your loose ends are tied up and you haven't missed anything! Here's a few sites that we have found are very helpful in this process.

The Knot

We got engaged in December and planned everything in about six months. Let me tell you, it has been quite a whirlwind! The first site that we went to once our wedding planning started was The Knot. We made our free account and it instantly helped us with a checklist. Now, given the fact that most people start planning their wedding a year or so in advance, we learned that we were behind on about 185 things. Thankfully, we are having a small wedding so many of the 185 "to dos" did not apply. Nevertheless, The Knot is a great website with a ton of difference resources. They have everything from cake decorators to photographers and everything in between!


It pains me to say it, but Pinterest is a great resource for all things wedding. Now, I'm not a part of Pinterest, but Margaux is and she has gotten a TON of ideas from the site. She's found everything from her hairstyle to fun party favors and beach ideas. There isn't much that Pinterest doesn't have in terms of wedding ideas. If you have an account and you are getting married, hit up Pinterest.

Real Maine Weddings

If you're getting married in Maine (which I am) Real Maine Weddings is a great site to find resources all across our lovely state. It has everything from planning tools to a directory of local vendors who help couples get exactly what they need. They even come out with a wedding magazine each year. Websites are one thing, but having a magazine to look at as well is definitely helpful as well!

What resources do you use for wedding planning (if you have been/are getting married)?

Seth P.