Welcome Aboard Mallory!

Young & Free Maine Spokester #4

Congratulations are in order for Mallory Lavoie, our newest Spokester who will take over next week! She will have one year to work in a highly visible role for Maine's Credit Unions and will have the creative freedom to make it her own. I know Mallory will excel at this job and I'm looking forward to see what she brings to the program!

For me, Young & Free Maine has been an amazing one year journey and I wouldn't be where I am today without this opportunity. I fine-tuned my knowledge of credit unions and personal finance. I've been able to gain professional writing experience and improve my videography skills. I experienced working in teams and on my own. The Young & Free Maine Spokester position is fun, unique, and a true growing experience. 

Mallory has one year ahead of her that she will never forget! She is originally from Aroostook County hailing from Madawaska, Maine. (If you don't where Madawaska is, please refer to this map.) She is a 2012 graduate of the University of Maine with a degree in Journalism and French. 

Since graduating Mallory has resided in Orono, Maine where she has worked in the Indian Island Elementary school system. She has a passion for figure skating and makes time to coach young students on the ice. This winter she even competed in the 2014 Adult National Championships in Hyannis, Massachusetts. 

Mallory and I had the chance to talk today before she starts full time next week. She let me know she's constantly been brainstorming blog and video ideas since she found out she got the job on Friday afternoon. I can tell she's a little nervous and overwhelmed will all the new information we're giving her, but she's excited hit the ground running!

Good luck this year Mallory!

Be well, 

Lauren R.