Wellness Wednesday: Take Advantage of Your Local Library

Five reasons to love your library!

During my college days at the University of Maine, the Fogler library was a necessary but dreaded place to be. I spent hours upon hours in that building. It was the same routine of finding a place to quiet place to sit and then dive into my writing, researching, studying, etc. 

However, now that I'm not in college libraries don't have to be this dreaded, evil place. Libraries are actually pretty awesome places! Even though I've been living in at my sister's house in Windham for just about a year, it wasn't until recently I decided to go to the Windham Public LIbrary to get a library card. 

I thought to myself, "Wow have I been missing out!"

Libraries are obviously great for reading and borrowing books for FREE, but there are other awesome things that happen at libraries:

Use computers & Internet access

Don't have a computer of your own? Maybe your laptop is being worked on? A public library is a great way to work on a computer and access the internet for free. Maybe you've got your own computer, but you're trying to save money and cut out cable and internet bill. The library is a great resource when you do need to access something online.

Access to printing & photocopying

In college I did not have a printer at home, so I would have to go to the library for all my term papers, homework assignments, etc. Now I do have a printer but it's nice to know I've got a back up plan for when I run out of ink when I'm in a pinch! Plus, a photocopier is available if I never needed it as well. 

Monthly book club

Joining a book group might sound matronly, but why not challenge yourself to read more! You could even get your roommates or friends and family to keep you with the book of the month. Maybe it could turn into a fun challenge with a small prize! It's also a great chance to meet people of all ages in your community!

Music & movies

Besides books, libraries are a great chance to find new and old music on CDs. (I know CDs, you probably don't use those things anymore, but I'm sure your car has a CD player still!) Check out the movie selection at your local library and watch something you wouldn't normally find on Redbox or Netflix. 

Audiobooks & digital library

If you've got a long drive ahead of you an audiobook is a great thing to pick up for a road trip! And just FYI audio books on CD can be upwards of $45 for one book, and usually cost around $15 for an mp3 format from Audible. So borrowing an audiobook for free from your local library is totally sweet! 

Plus you can find audiobooks and e-reader edition books from a wide selection ready for download to your Kindle or e-reader through the Maine Download Library

If this doesn't motivate you to get down to your local library, I don't know what will!

Be well, 

Lauren R.