We're Sounding Off Live This Week!

Top 5 performs live Friday!

Last week Young & Free Maine announced the Top 5 Sound Off Music Competition entrants! In case you missed it, the five artists and bands that will be heading to Bangor on Friday for the live audition include: Fools Rule, SirEEL, Samantha Lynn, The Skastitues, and The Roman Counterpart

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Congrats to these talented musicians for rallying their friends and family to vote for them! And a big thanks to all the 26 entrants who participated this year. You were all wonderful! 

Judging criteria 

This Friday the Top 5 will gather at Main Street Music Studios in downtown Bangor to perform live in front of a panel of judges who will then determine the 3 winners. 

As you can imagine, the judges will have a lot to consider. But there will be six different categories the judges will score on for each band. Each artist or band will be scored out of 100. 

Here are the six categories they will be judged on:

  • Appearance & Style (15 points)
  • Quality of Performance & Sound (15 points)
  • Suitability for KahBang performance (15 points)
  • Appeal to Demographic (20 points)
  • Commitment to Contest & Program (15 points)
  • Overall Performance (20 points)

Check out Young & Free Maine on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for live updates from the final judging round of the Sound Off Music Competition this Friday, February 21st. 

Good luck to our Top 5! 

Lauren R.