What Do You Learn from a Financial Fitness Fair?

I met up with former Spokester, Seth Poplaski, at a Financial Fitness Fair at Kennebec Valley Community College. The Kennebec Chapter of Credit Unions hosted a financial fitness fair for area high schools, where students learned how to budget for life in their 20s.

At a financial fitness fair, you learn how to use a budget. A common misconception is that a budget means you can't have any fun.

That just isn't true!

A budget is a financial tool that tells your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went. At the fair, students learn how to manage their money so it's being used wisely. Students budget for all types of life expenses including housing, transportation, groceries, savings, clothing, and fun stuff. At a fair, you learn how to make the most of your income, and that it's important to make smart choices with your money.

A budget can be a useful tool to help you reach your bigger financial goals. When it comes time to buy a vehicle, a home, or go on vacation, you'll be prepared because you used a budget. A budget helps you keep track of where your money is going, and can help you save for expensive purchases.

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