We Are Young & Free

We, the 18 to 25 year olds of Maine, are the “young” crowd. At 18, 19, or even 25 years of age, we don't always like being regarded as “young.”  We are, after all, becoming responsible and caring adults, and we make an impact at work, school, our communities, and in our world.  As we step out into the world, whether it is graduating from high school, moving away to college, finding a new job, traveling the world, or buying our first car or home, we are making our first big financial decisions.  And we want to make these decisions responsibly.

We are not alone in making financial choices.  Some of us may have a support network of families, friends, relatives, teachers, and so on, but when it comes down to making the final choice, we want to trust the financial institution which we have selected.  So as young adults who care about being responsible, and who care about our futures, we should also care about how we make our financial goals happen.  Maine’s credit unions have been there to help people from the beginning.  In 1921, a single dollar was deposited in the Telephone Workers Credit Union of Maine, and so began the Maine credit union movement.  The first credit unions helped people - real, hard-working people - with loans and mortgages that would help them to thrive and succeed.  Today, we carry the same work ethics and determination to succeed.  It is this caring and compassionate nature that is at the heart of credit unions.  They have a desire to help people, all people, including those of us who need a boost as we become college students, or as we graduate with a degree, or as we make those first big (and sometimes scary) financial decisions.  

Being young and free means having the power to decide.  It means being in control of your money and where it goes, your financial choices, and your future.  Credit unions in Maine can be there for us as we learn and grow and just be us!  As your Spokester, I will learn alongside you.  Together, we will explore how money-management can be simple.  And how effectively managing your finances can be rewarding - not stressful!  Along with Maine’s credit unions, I will be here when money topics get muddy.  I will be here for you to solve tough questions, money problems, and to talk about FUN things, that we enjoy!  After all, we are the young people of Maine who make a difference, who care about our futures, who care about our world, our communities, and our nation.  We have the power to impact and influence our future in big ways.  I hope that you follow me on this journey across our fantastic state, and learn about how Maine’s credit unions can make our goals and dreams become a reality.

Your Young & Free Maine Spokester,