What To Do When it Rains

Not every summer day is perfect. Occasionally, we find ourselves watching the weather forecast with mounting frustration as our wonderful outdoor plans are falling apart with impending rain. We certainly can’t let the rain get us down! Nobody wants to be cooped up at home all day either, so what can you do?

Something I found myself doing on the rainy July 4th was heading out of town with my family for a day-trip. For us, we went out to lunch at our favorite restaurant, during the best lunch special ever, and then we went hunting for some great bargains! I am admittedly VERY cheap, so I won’t buy it unless I absolutely NEED it, or it’s marked down so low I am foolish to walk away. I happily picked up a few new items and returned home not much worse for the wear. I’m sure we don’t all want to spend our time shopping; I know it gets exhausting pretty quick, so let’s talk about some other options.

Catch a matinee – this is the only way I really enjoy watching a movie! You see the SAME movie at a discounted price as you would see at 7pm on a Friday night. Much less buyer’s remorse for me!

Rent a movie – with so many methods to get a movie now, through Amazon, Red Box, Netflix, and more, pop some popcorn and relax. It is significantly cheaper to grab a good movie at home that to brave theater.

Clean out your closet – I know this sounds like the least amount of fun possible, but wait, there’s more! Dig for the clothes that are gently worn, that you just don’t wear anymore, and take them to a thrift/consignment shop. You may make a few extra dollars to do something fun when the sun comes back.

Find a good book – Have I mentioned how cheap I am yet? Another thing I LOVE to do is find books people sell at yard sales or library sales that are priced to go (like less than $.25-$.50). I stock up a collection that I can grab from on a rainy day. Occasionally I even find titles that are still fairly new, or at least still quite pricey at a bookstore. Recent finds for me include “The Help” and “Kite Runner” (I planned to buy them eventually, but for $.50 I couldn’t say no!).

Try a new recipe – With all of the how-tos on Pinterest, I drive myself a little crazy on all of the things I want to try. However, rainy days are the BEST days to try a new recipe. I have found many great recipes, but so far, my favorite has been a DELICIOUS ranch cheddar turkey burger recipe.  (To give it a try check it out here).

Now that I am facing hunger pains from thinking about all the recipe possibilities for dinner tonight, I hope this short list helps you find something on a rainy day. I know that there is a great selection of other options, and feel free to share them with me in the comments! I am an idea collector, so I have just the thing for any situation (this is why Pinterest is SO dangerous for me). Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Katy Robinson, Guest Blogger
Maine Credit Union League
Marketing & Communications Assistant