What To Do When Your Duplex is for Sale!

Last September, my boyfriend and I moved into a duplex in a quiet part of town. It's a cute place, with a spacious living room, three bedrooms, a huge bathroom, and lots of counter space in the kitchen. We've enjoyed our short six-month stay here, and we're finally getting cozy and comfortable...

Now, it's for sale.

Last week, our landlord stopped by and slapped a for sale sign out front. Our place is officially on the market.

I should be fair. Our landlord did inform us about the house going on the market when we moved in. But, when the photographer and realtor came over for a visit, things started to feel real.

That's Life.

Things happen and it's always good to be prepared. Now that our place is officially up for grabs, we have a few things to consider....


  1. Where would we go if our place is sold and we have to move out? Should we start looking now? How much could we afford for rent? What area would work best for us?
  2. Would we consider buying the place? Can we get approved for a loan? Would it be a good buying decision? How much could we afford?

I guess this is the downside to renting. You don't have much say in what happens to your living situation. If you're in a lease agreement, at least you're somewhat protected for a specified amount of time. But, the unexpected can still happen. That's why it's good to have...

Plan B

Plan B is in case your Plan A fails, or if things change unexpectedly. If you always have a back up plan, you'll be prepared to handle life's surprises.

Now, I'd love to hear from you!

Have you ever lost your rent unexpectedly? How did you handle it and what did you learn? Share your stories, thoughts, and tips in the comments!

Take care,