What Young & Free Means to Me

Young and free. Those are powerful words. What does it mean to be young and free? For me, it's about doing what I love with the people I love. 

Last week I told you guys that I was headed to a concert in Boston for my day off. When I hopped on the bus in Portland and headed to the city I knew I was in for a great show, but I had no idea just how memorable the night would be. I spent the entire night with my brother and close friends, singing along to every word and dancing to the music, but it was more than just a concert.

What made this show so special? It was my first time seeing The Rocket Summer play live though I had been a fan since high school. Bryce was electric on stage and filled the room with his energy. He interacted with the crowd, taking requests, and when I asked him to play my favorite song, he smiled and began to play the opening chords, singing to me the whole time. I thanked him after the show for his music and for playing that special song. He simply said, "That was for you."

For me, being young and free is going to concerts. It's about hearing my favorite song. It's about singing along until my lungs give out, surrounded by friends and fans, all sharing in the powerful experience of live music. Being young and free is about staying after the show, no matter how cold it is outside, to meet the musicians who have provided the soundtrack to my life. It's about thanking them personally, letting them know the impact they've had on me. Being young and free is doing what I love and sharing the love with everyone around me. 

I can't quite put into words how incredible that night was. This video is just a glimpse at the fun we had in Boston with The Rocket Summer. I hope you enjoy seeing how I spend my free time and how I live young and free.

If you want to hear more from The Rocket Summer, visit TheRocketSummer.com or The Rocket Summer Facebook page. The song you heard in the video is called Hills and Valleys, and you can see the official music video on YouTube.

What does young and free mean to you? Share your stories in the comments. 

Kylie K.