CU Employees Love Their Jobs

What makes credit unions really stand out among other financial institutions? Incredible service. Who makes the incredible service possible? Credit union employees.

It's no secret that I love working for Maine's Credit Unions as the Young & Free Maine spokester. Serving credit unions and their members is always fun and rewarding, and I'm not the only one who feels this way. I interviewed a few of my fellow credit union employees to hear why they love their job and to get a look at what goes into providing the superior service that credit unions are known for.

Ashley Corriveau The County FCU

Why did you apply for a job at a CU?
"I applied for a job at the credit union because of the welcoming environment. I have been a member of the credit union from childhood and have always enjoyed seeing the smiling faces behind the teller line. I am a credit union member born and raised."

What gets you out of bed in the morning to go to work?
"What gets me out of bed in the morning to go to work is knowing that I have members I need to take care of. I think dedication to your job is a must and it is so easy at the credit union to be dedicated to your job especially when you work with such great coworkers. We really are a team no matter what credit union you are from."

What is the most rewarding part of working at a credit union?
"The most rewarding part about working at the credit union is seeing the difference you can make in peoples lives. Some are going through hard times and when you can actually help them or give them advice on what options they have, they are so appreciative."


Brendan Henry Trademark FCU

What's the best part of your role at your credit union?
"I think the best part of the role is being able to assist members when they have questions, explaining the financial jargon into something easily understandable without losing anything in translation."

What's the most rewarding part of working at a CU?
"Absolutely it’s the relationships, whether it’s between a member that you've known for years, a coworker, or someone you've met for the first time, the relationships built within credit unions are something to be treasured.


Maria Mills Maine Highlands FCU

Why do you love working at a CU?
"I love working for the credit union because I get to help people every day. Sometimes it's something very small, but you know it's appreciated by the member. It’s also great when a prospective member comes in and we're able to offer them fewer fees, higher dividend rates, or possibly a better loan rate."

Is there a part of your job that is challenging to you?
"Every member is different. They all have their own separate needs and circumstances. What works one day for one member may not be the best thing for the next. We do not use a 'one size fits all' approach so it can be challenging to find a solution for every situation, but we do our best and try to reach the solution together."

What is the credit union philosophy in your own words?
"People helping people really sums it up but it's much more than that. We're here to help our members with such a wide variety of services. It's not just about cashing a check, making a deposit or applying for a loan. We don't just answer their questions, we also try to help them understand. It's not about what's best for us as employees or as a credit union; we really work to do what is best for our members, no matter how long it may take to find a solution. After all, they are the 'owners' of the credit union and they deserve the best service at all times!"

At a credit union, you'll always get the best service because the employees truly love their jobs and they stand behind the financial institution they work for. Learn more about joining a credit union at

Kylie K.