When Being Frugal Doesn't Pay

I am a huge fan of being frugal, not cheap, frugal. If I can find ways to save a little money here and there without too much effort, I am all for it. There are some instances when being frugal can actually backfire on you. Sure, you may save a little money, but when all is said and done, it may be worth it to just pay a little extra in order to save some leg work. What are some of those ways? Well, I'm glad you asked! The lovely folks at CBS News compiled a list of instances when being frugal may not be the best idea. Here are a few that I found interesting!

Buying bottled water in bulk

You go to a gas station and buy a bottle of water for a dollar. Seems like a decent deal right? Well, for just a few dollars more, you can buy a whole case of water! That sounds like an even better deal! Let's be real here. One of the joys of living in America and having a place to call your own (like a house or apartment) is that we have something called a faucet. It may seem like buying bottled water for cheap is a good idea, but you have an unlimited supply of H2O that you can get every day. Why not use a water bottle that's laying around the house and refill it! You are trying to be frugal by buying water, I get it...but it doesn't really add up when all is said and done.

One or two ply?

Without going into great detail, I feel that it's okay to splurge a bit on slightly better toilet paper. You may have saved 30 cents by buying one ply instead of two, but let's be honest...you probably just bought something that is about as enjoyable as using sand paper. Don't let your frugality (is that a real word?) get the best of you. Spend the extra money to get the better TP.

Cheap Childcare

This doesn't apply to me at the moment, but I'm sure some of you have children. Picking the least expensive childcare isn't always the best idea. There's a reason some places charge a certain amount. In many instances, you get what you pay for, and childcare is one that you may want to spend a little more to get the best care for your kids. I'd rather not read about yours or my children duct taped to a wall.

Take a look at all of the ways being frugal can backfire. On an unrelated note...it's the first day of spring and you should be outside enjoying it! Also, we have another BIG announcement coming up on Friday. I wish the big announcement was my weight loss...Oh well!

What are some ways you think being frugal can backfire?

Seth P.