When You Lose Clothes INSIDE Your Closet...

It's time to declutter, downsize, and reorganize! 

Cleaning out your closet can be difficult because, not only do you need to take time in your busy day to clean, but you also need to part with old clothes.

And parting with old clothes is hard. They carry fond memories:  your old favorite jeans, the t-shirt your first boyfriend gave you, or the dress your mom sent you on your 20th birthday. They are also a rude reminder to stay on track with your fitness goals because one day, you will fit in your old jeans again.

Well, if you’ve been closeting those jeans from eight years ago, and they still don’t fit, it is time to retire them! Downsizing your closet is a great way to keep it simple. Downsizing to ten essential items makes getting dressed a stress-free part of your day.

(While guys and girls can both benefit from cleaning out space-hogging items, this blog will focus on a girls’ wardrobe, since I’m extremely unqualified to be giving male fashion advice.)

It’s time to face your closet, and if it looks anything like mine, this process is LONG overdue.

How to downsize to ten essential closet items


Take all of the clothes that you LOVE and put them on your bed. Leave everything else inside the closet…for now. (Hint:  if you hesitate on an item, it’s likely that you don’t love it.)


Determine your style. 

If you see a common theme to your love pile, you will probably get a good idea of your style. Maybe you love knit sweaters, or you prefer to wear black, or you may discover that you have an obsession with stripes. Knowing what you like will help you on future shopping trips, and will give you a great idea of what you tend to wear.


Determine your ten essential clothes items. 

For me, this includes:  jeans, dress, cardigan, blazer, black pants, khaki pants, skirt, two collared shirts, and a white t-shirt. Try to pick items that you can use to make more than one outfit.


Decide what to do with the leftovers.

Is it time to retire some old outfits? Admit it, if it’s been over two years, the likelihood of you wearing your “favorite” dress again is slim. If you are holding onto the clutter for dear life, knowing that the chance of you wearing it is less than 50 percent, it is a sign that some of those things need to go.

I suggest making two piles:  “storage” and “giving.” Clothes that are simply out of season can stay. (There’s no sense in buying new clothes every season.) Other favorites, but non-essentials, can go into storage. Clothes that are in the “give” pile can be donated to younger family members, Goodwill, or another charitable organization looking for clothing donations. 


Test out your newly organized wardrobe, and see how the ten essential items work throughout the week. Do you have enough clothes to make a different outfit each day? Is getting dressed and finding an outfit less of a hassle in the morning?

Share the outcome of your closet makeover!! Comment in the blogs, or message me on Twitter or Instagram @YoungFreeME!

Take care!