Why Enter Sound Off? Hear It from Sassquatch! [VIDEO]

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with last year's Sound Off Winners, Sassquatch. 

And yes, Sassquatch exists.

As the 2015 Sound Off Winners, they shared why they think YOU should enter Sound Off! After winning last year's competition, Sassquatch recorded their first full-length album, Cryptomusicology. They have been busy doing shows, and hope to start playing out-of-state. They say if you're thinking about entering, ENTER! It's a great opportunity for Maine musicians to break into the Maine music scene.

Send in your original music between February 1 and 29 at YoungFreeMaine.com!

Follow the Sound Off Music Competition @YoungFreeME on Twitter and Instagram!

We can't wait to hear your music!!

If you're a musician thinking about entering, it's worth it! Entry is simple, and doesn't require much...just an original piece of music, submitted online.

You can enter one of two categories:  The Soloist/Duo Category or The Band Category.

And...the opportunities are worth it! You have the chance to win $500 gift certificate to Main Street Music Studios, a LIVE performance opportunity at the Old Port Festival, a video highlight, and customized collateral. Not to mention, you'll get your name out there.

Hope to hear your music!