Why Facebook? Why?

Well, I'm sure all of you by now have logged onto your Facebook accounts this morning and noticed that it has once again gone through a transformation of sorts. I can't tell you the amount of status updates I have read that are anti Facebook, and people threatening to finally leave the site and shut down their accounts. Here are a few of the updates that have graced my news feed:

"What the crap is this facebook?!?!"

"Why? Why Facebook, do you find the need to change everything? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy change and all, but c'mon a bit of warning next time."

"That was some Hot Pasta."

Okay, that last one had nothing to do with Facebook, but you get the idea. I have noticed that people are becoming progressively more annoyed with Facebook over the years because of all the changes. I myself have also gotten frustrated over the years as things have changed, and I am forced to re-learn the site. I got Facebook in 2005 when it was still just a baby. I remember when it was used simply for college students. Can you remember that far back when there was still and "is" in the status update bar? I can remember when it was no longer in the status bar. I remember back when there were groups, not pages. Ahh the good old Facebook days. As a matter of fact, I actually made a video three years ago about how I hated the new Facebook changes. I have almost become accustomed to the changes in Facebook, and I remember this one very important fact. I have never paid a cent for Facebook.

Yes, that's right. Unless you have plugged money into the games on Facebook, chances are, you have never paid to keep your profile open, or any other aspect of Facebook for that matter. I find it entertaining that sometimes we complain about the free things we receive, like Facebook, and forget that we have never paid for it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm in the same boat because every time Facebook changes, I groan a little. When you really think about it, considering the size and the impact Facebook has on our lives, it's pretty astounding that the only thing we have had to put up with is the format changes throughout the years. I'm not saying don't get frustrated that it has changed once again, but do remember that we don't pay for this either. What would this world be like without Facebook? It's changed the way we interact with one another. Don't believe me? Have you ever tried poking a random stranger in person? Kind of weird right? Facebook has allowed us to be able to poke people online and nobody thinks twice about it.

One last thought. Something I did find interesting is that on the same day Facebook rolled out their new layout, Google Plus was released to the public. That's right! If you were anxiously waiting to sign up and check out Google Plus, you don't have to wait any longer. What are your thoughts? Is this the "last straw"? Are you planning on taking a break from Facebook? Will you check out Google Plus?

What do you think of the new Facebook layout?

Seth P.