Why Is Money Important To You? [VIDEO]

At the Old Port Festival, some wonderful fans shared why money is important to them. Since they were at one of the many free summer festivals in Maine, I also asked if they planned to spend any money. 

Asking why money is important shows that money is, in some way, a part of each of our lives. It also shows how vastly different each of us perceives money. For some, it's the key to surviving day-to-day, for others, it's a source of happiness. And still, for some, it's a way to help other people. Here's what Old Port Fest fans had to say: 

Although money has a purpose in our lives, our purpose is not to place money above the things that are most meaningful to us. I'm glad to have had the chance to see these different views on money, and I'm glad I had the chance to attend the Old Port Fest! The performances were all amazing, including the Sound Off bands, The Banner Year (1st runner-up) and Sassquatch (the winners). Hope to see you all around at some upcoming festivals! 

Next festival 

Saturday, June 20th, The Gardiner River Festival, in Gardiner

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