Why Should You Measure Success in Decades?

I recently listened to an intriguing podcast, called "Mastermind James Altucher Reveals Secret to Success." 

In the discussion, James proved a very good point. That is that you can't measure success by looking at what you have accomplished in one day. His argument was that it oftentimes takes years to create something great or to receive recognition for your work. It is the effort and the repetition of a task over time that lead to great success. James said, you can't do something for 15 years and never become successful with it. If you do something every day, and you don't give up, eventually you will get somewhere.

For example, writing. If you write every day, and you love to write, and you never give up on the task of writing, eventually, your work will lead to success. One day, you may write, or create something, that you absolutely abhor. But if you keep on going, despite the errors or imperfections, you are on your way to achieving success. 

"Success is measured in decades, not years."

As a 25 year old, I haven't lived many decades, but I can certainly look back on the past ten years and see some successes. Improvement and learning can be measured. Remembering to look back on your success in the past decade, not years, is valuable for many young people. It assures you that if you have not earned success in your career or in your personal life, there are still many decades ahead in which success is possible. As long as you keep at what you love, and you do the tasks that make you happy everyday, you will get to where you want to be. 

In the podcast, James also stresses the importance of doing work that you love, because you love it. Money, luxury, or girls are the wrong reasons to pursue work. Stick to what you love, and follow your passion. Then, achieving success will not seem like such a chore. 

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