Why We Need to Change the "I Want It Now," Attitude

In "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," Stephen Covey says that many people nowadays live in a state of fear and insecurity. People fear the future, they feel vulnerable in the workplace, and they worry that they will not be able to provide for their families in the future. 

This fear has led people to become more and more independent of others. "I will worry about me and mine," and to do this, people seek happiness outside of work or outside of the daily routine. While independence is important, it also opposes the interdependence that creates our society, and the very nature of humans. 

The need to find happiness then leads to the "I want things and I want them now" attitude. It may be a big house, a car, the newest and nicest clothes, the best entertainment center, or even success. And today's credit card society allows people to go out and fulfill many of their "happiness" goals in ways that may not be long-lasting. 

Credit cards make it easy to buy something now, and pay for it later. But people eventually need to pay for decisions. Credit cards can become dangerous, quickly. With high interest rates, having an outstanding balance on a credit card can add up, fast. 

The "I want it now" attitude needs to change because it often leads to financial trouble and serves only to satisfy our happiness for a brief moment in time. All good things take time, and there is a catch to having the ability to purchase anything at any given moment. These things do not come for free, and somewhere down the line, we eventually need to pay. 

Change will happen if we reconsider the source of happiness.

Happiness cannot be found from the "outside," yet the easiest route seems to be fulfilling happiness needs by looking to the outside, to the materialistic things. It's also easy to blame the environment, or other people, when we are unhappy. "My classes are miserable because the teacher is constantly giving us pointless assignments," or "If I had a better job that I liked more, I would be much happier."

We need to start taking responsibility, and realize that no one makes a decision, no one controls our behaviors or our feelings, except ourselves. Therefore, to find happiness, and to do away with "I want it now," we need to start taking time to realize our true happiness. We need to be patient, to look inside, and to discover our purpose in life. From there, once we have discovered the way that we are best suited to serve humanity, once we are able to give abundantly, and recognize that happiness does not come from materialism, good things will come naturally.

Take care!