Workout Wednesday: Blade to Glory

The weather looks like it might cooperate for an afternoon spent outside, however there are possible showers in some parts of Maine. Regardless, I'm bringing everyone yet another idea to get a move on this summer. This week it's rollerblading! It's a great cardio activity to do on your local back roads or on a paved biking path. 


When rollerblading is done properly, it is an exercise that will strengthen the quads and can be comparable to that of running in terms of total calorie burn.

The thing to watch with rollerblading is that you're taking a slightly deeper bend in the knees as you blade and are extending the leg outward back behind you. This will place more tension on the quads as well as help work the outer thigh muscles as you move through the full range of motion.

 rollerblading at Kennebunk Beach back in 2010

rollerblading at Kennebunk Beach back in 2010

Rollerblading might not be the most popular sport of all time but it's actually a ton of fun and easy to get started. Second hand sporting stores like Play It Again Sports, offer great deals on used rollerblades as well as brand new ones. 

Also, ask around. Chances are someone you know has old rollerblades they haven't used in over a decade. Rollerblading was way more popular in the 90s. 

Have fun blading!

Lauren R.