Workout Wednesday: Exercise your brain

It's important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through exercise and proper nutrition, but it is equally important to exercise your brain.  A great way to keep your brain active is to READ! 

Reading may seem tedious after enduring one assigned book after the next in high school English class. When you pick up a book on your own, it's much easier to enjoy. You can read at your own pace and your not looking for all the hidden themes and motifs so you can engage in class discussions.  

Not sure where to start? 

Let me help inspire your reading list.  

Check out the list of 14 books from you probably read in high school that you should re-read as an adult. Titles like Frankenstein, 1984, and The Catcher in the Rye appear on this list. 

Or maybe it's not time to delve back into the pile of books from high school. Try any of the 65 books suggests to read in your 20's. Never Let Me Go, The Group, Bossypants, The Emperor's Children, and much more are featured as must reads on this list. 

Happy reading everyone!

Lauren R.