Workout Wednesday: Master the Stairs

Alright everyone! It’s summer, we’re young, we want to feel good and look good too. Since the warmer months are upon us, don’t sweat it if you don’t have a gym membership. All you need is a pair of good old fashion tennis shoes. 

This summer I plan to bring you an innovative and fun work out idea each week to get you motivated, in shape, and taking advantage of the summer months. First up on the fitness plan:

Stadium Run

 Running the bleachers at the local high school track field stadium

Running the bleachers at the local high school track field stadium

A stadium run is just a fancy term for running bleacher stairs. It is an effective way to quickly get your heart rate up and burn calories. Better yet, it works your glutes and quads to give you toned and strong muscles. 

Get to your nearest public venue with stadium seating (football field, fairground, racetrack, etc.) and get running! 

Be sure to warm up your muscles before putting them to the test. Follow this simple warm-up routine:

Jog in place 60 seconds 

High knees 60 seconds

Butt kicks 60 seconds

Then repeat two times before the stadium run.

Now for the bleachers. Start at one end and run up aisle, running along the top and then running down the stairs on the next aisle. Repeat running up and down until you have covered the whole bleacher area. 

Set yourself a goal

Now you have to set a goal. You don’t run a bunch of stairs all at once. This exercise is great opportunity for intervals.

After each set take a one to two minute break. Interval training is great to build up aerobic endurance and will improve your aerobic capacity. Don't feel like you have to push through for 20 minutes straight! 

Good luck! 


Lauren R.