Workout Wednesday: "Never give up on your dreams"

On September 1, President Obama tweeted "Never give up on your dreams" to 64-year-old Diana Nyad who finished the 103 mile swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys. She made a record by being the first person to complete the swim without a protective shark cage.

It was Nyad's fifth attempt at swimming from Cuba to Florida, but she was able to complete it this time at a grueling 54 hours, 54 minutes, and 18 seconds. There were hundreds of people on shore in Florida ready to greet her as she finished her life long goal. Nyad was 28 years old when she first tried to swim across the Florida Straits. That first time, winds knocked her far off course. But this year, the weather, the currents and the wildlife allowed her to power through the miles to reach her goal.

If that is not inspiring, then I don't know what is! If Nyad could complete this 103 mile swim at 64, what am I capable of at 22 years old? I would like to run a marathon someday and hike all the mountains in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. 

What are your goals? What do you never want to give up on? Let me know by leaving a comment in the section below! 

Lauren R.