Workout Wednesday: Shout Out to All the Farmers!

Keep up the good work! 

Today I have to shout out to all the farmers in Maine and across the nation! Seeing all the dedicated farmers at the Fryeburg Fair this week reminded me how important farming is. Farmers have the hardest jobs. They feed so many people and as the world's population increases we become more dependent on the same amount of farmers and less land.

So next time you see a farmer say, "Thanks!" Or if you're headed to the Fryeburg Fair this week, take time to appreciate the hard work of New England farmers. Their work days are not the typical 9-5 office job. They put in an unreal amount of manual labor working hours. 

Where would we be without farmers? 

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.46.35 AM.png

Don't take these hard working men and women for granted! Can you imagine where this world would be without farmers? Take a look at the video below for an eye opening perspective on farming in America. We would be one hungry planet without their hard work and dedication. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Lauren R.