Workout Wednesday: Take a hike

 So many hiking opportunities! Check out

So many hiking opportunities! Check out

The state of Maine is nature's playground. If you love to be outside to enjoy a beautiful summer day, then taking a hike is a great way to enjoy yourself. It's not only a great way to stay active, hiking is rewarding when you finally reach the summit knowing you just accomplished something.

Maybe you think there aren't trails near you, but I can guarantee you'll be able to find something close to home with You can search by town or county to find a trail closest to you. 

When I traveled to Aroostook County two weeks ago, I used Main Trail Finder to find hiking opportunities while I was up north. I found a great in Arookstook State Park hike that took about an hour roundtrip and was located a few minutes from where I was staying.  

After long hikes, remember to stretch to prevent injury. The day after a long hike you might feel sore, but that's a good sign. It means to really gave your legs a good workout.  

Check out my Instgram video from my hike in Aroostook State Park. 


Get out there! 

Lauren R.