Workout Wednesday: Upward bound

You'll be leaps and bounds ahead of everyone if you start training with uphill sprints. These quick sprints might be short bursts of energy but they will surely get you out of breath! 

Uphill sprints are your classic interval sprints, kicked up a notch. Interval sprints are effective on their own, so on your first try you can always try it on flat ground.

To perform it this effective cardio exercise first decide how long you want to sprint. Next, find a hill of corresponding length. If you are doing shorter, high-intensity sprints, you want a short and steep hill, while if you're doing slightly longer sprints at a bit lower of an intensity, you will want a longer hill to run up.

Perform them by running up the hill and then walking or jogging down once you've completed it, repeating the process six to ten times. 

And remember, you can do it! Don't give up! 

Lauren R.