Yard Sale Tips and Tricks

Yard sales are a great way to furnish your home on the cheap, but they aren’t always easy to navigate. While some people are self-proclaimed yard sale professionals with the ability to spot a deal from a mile away, others may need a little more help. That’s where these tips come in. 

Shop Older Homes and Moving Sales

Whether you’re looking for a new set of china or the perfect antique mirror to complete your bedroom makeover, you’re more likely to find these items at yard sales at older homes. Moving sales also bring a different caliber of inventory for you to choose from because families relocating to a new home often can’t bring large items on the road.

Make a detailed list

What items do you need? If you’re looking for a large piece of furniture, make sure you have the dimensions of the space you want to put the item. That retro chic dresser may seem like a good deal until you get it home and find that it is two-inches too wide for your bedroom wall. A detailed list will also help you focus your search and make your yard sale experience more efficient. 

Bring plenty of small bills

A seller may not be as prepared as he should be, so bring small bills and pay exact change for items. You’ll save time and money by ensuring that you’re not paying more for an item just because the seller didn’t have enough change.

Ask for bulk pricing

If you have your eye on many things at a yard sale, ask if you can pay one lump sum for the items. Sellers are often happy to oblige because it means getting rid of a bunch of their “junk” all at once.

Say no to upholstered items

Mattresses and couches can harbor fleas, dust, germs and worst of all, bed bugs. Steer clear of used mattresses and opt for hand-me-down upholstered furniture from relatives or good friends only. Although a couch coming from your Great Aunt Sally still runs the risk of a few unpleasant pests, you’ll have a better idea of how the item was cared for and where it was stored.

You’re ready for a weekend of yard sale-ing! Get started with Brewer Federal Credit Union’s annual yard sale on Friday, August 3rd at their North Main Street branch. Scout for good deals and help out a great cause, as proceeds will go towards the ongoing Ending Hunger in Maine campaign.

What’s the best deal you ever found at a yard sale?

Kylie K.