Young & Free Takes On Texas!

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Austin, Texas for the one-time Spokester Meet-Up. You can probably imagine why this trip, especially at this time of year, is so exciting. While Maine is already entering its chilly fall season, it is definitely still summer in Texas! 

I learned a lot, not only about #spokesterlife but also about traveling. It's not everyday that you hop on a plane and head halfway across the country. So that is why it is good to (1) plan ahead, and (2) know the ins and outs of traveling. 

While you are here, take a sneak peak of what the Spokester life is all about, and see what happened in Texas! Also check out some basic #traveltips below to make sure that your trip, wherever it may be, is stress-free!

5 Easy Travel Tips To Remember

1. Bring cash just in case!! Having money on you can get you out of a sticky situation if a store or taxi does not accept credit cards.

2. If you are bringing a carry on bag, liquids, gels, and pastes need to be in containers of 3.4 oz or less, and in a zip lock bag.

3. Let your credit union know that you are traveling before you leave. This will prevent your account from becoming frozen in response to suspicious purchases. 

4. Buy your snacks, drinks or souvenirs BEFORE you go to the airport. Airports tend to have high prices, so avoid those costs by packing what you need beforehand.

5. Know your flight schedule, be early, and know how you will get from the airport to your destination. Researching travel options before you arrive can help save you money! 

Happy Monday!