Your Money: Post-Halloween Recovery


Americans spent billions of dollars on the 2015 Halloween holiday. My feelings of pride for being one of the hundreds of millions of Americans to participate in Halloween, are minimal. Sure, it's a fun holiday, but spending billions of dollars on one night seems absurd. The average amount of money spent was $74 per person. Despite trying to keep costs low, I easily hashed out that amount of money.

Bird.....$20                       Wig...$10                          Pants....$13                       Tattoo Sleeves...$5

I also spent money on a shirt ($3), fake eyelashes ($5), and miscellaneous stuff ($30), which equals a grand total of $86. Did anyone else spend that much on Halloween??? Or more??

If you're feeling guilty, as I am, about the amount of money you spent for Halloween, there is still time to recover, financially!

How To Get Back on Track with Your Finances

Step 1:  Every week in November, put $20 in your savings. You will have $80 at the end of the month. The secret to overcoming big spending sprees is to save more.

Step 2:  Cut out any extras (eating out, big purchases, expensive entertainment, etc.) If there is something you want, save it for another month.

Step 3:  Designate where your saved money will go. For example:  a holiday savings account, or an emergency savings fund. From your online banking, you can create separate savings accounts for specific savings categories.

It's not too late to recover!

Halloween is fun, it's great to come up with costume ideas and celebrate with friends. Make sure to plan wisely so that you're not dishing out hundreds of dollars on one night of fun, and try to create ways to cut costs. One of the best ways to do that is to shop immediately after Halloween. Stores want to get rid of their Halloween merchandise, so if you're adamant about having a fun, all-out Halloween, shop now for next year! 

Take care!