4 Tips Before Takeoff & Travel

Your to-do list before traveling

Alright young travelers, before you head out on your next trip keep this to-do list in mind before taking off. Planning a trip is not just about the destination. The planning starts well before you even leave the house! 


Call your credit union & credit card companies

For both domestic and international trips it's important to notify your credit union or credit card company of travel plans. If you don't alert your CU or credit card company your card could be blocked from making and purchases. Any purchases outside of your normal spending radius could raise suspicion of fraud. 

Manage cash flow

If you're traveling domestically, withdraw cash at your local credit union to avoid ATM fees from other banks. If going abroad, once leaving the airport stop at an ATM to get withdraw cash in the local currency. (I say leave the airport first because airport ATM fees are usually insanely high).

Contact kennel & house sitter 

If you have a dog, cat, or other live animals make sure you get a sitter or kennel reserved ahead of time. It may be worth checking the availability before booking your trip. You wouldn't want the perfect trip to be canceled because no one could watch over Fido. 

Arrange travel from the airport


It's important you get from the airport to your destination in a smooth and timely manner otherwise it can really put a damper on traveling. Before departing for your trip call to arrange a taxi, research the public transportation system, or map out directions from the airport to your destination. 

Safe travels, 

Lauren R.